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Company Commander

The History of the Nation
The country has been ruled for many years by the Ortega family, however since the death of the elder Ortega (The so called “Great One”) things have started to slip, and the iron grip with which they held the country and all its many factions began to loosen.

The Great Ones son, Hector allowed many to influence him, and without his father’s ruthless streak, the reigns of power began to slip between his hands. Unrest became commonplace, and there were riots in most provinces. Hector tried to hang on to power, but the factions held in check by his father for many years now saw their opportunity.
The end of the regime came on the highway to the airport, when a massive roadside bomb destroyed most of the motorcade, killing Hector, his family and most of the cabinet.

What followed was a frenzy of factional and tribal violence. However, this backwater of the world failed to come to the notice of the International community for many months, and a country without significant resources is never a priority.

The International Community and the UN had created sanctions and weapons embargoes to slow the fighting, but illegal sales and an ever growing black market made sure that the flow of arms kept on coming.
Eventually the major fighting died down with all of the major factions exhausted. The country was devastated, and the people divided into dozens of smaller warring factions.

The discovery of oil, along with vast deposits of Bauxite made the situations worse, with even more vested interest, and great factional pressure.
As a player you are thrust into this cauldron with a few squads of men and some equipment. Your aim is to bring your faction to supremacy.  
Now the nation is in your hands…..
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